Quality Control

Experience in Innovation

Much depends on the flawless functioning of our products. These include not least the operational readiness and safety of roller shutters or stair lifts. Therefore, the safety and reliability of our products have absolute priority. These must function continuously even under the most difficult conditions.

In order to achieve a low failure rate, all functional units at Tornado are in demand. Quality assurance accompanies the entire manufacturing process as part of the integrated management system - from development to delivery.

Quality Control carries out a first-piece inspection and monitors ongoing production steps and processes compliance. After the final inspection, the parts are approved for use by the assembly lines. We use professional equipment in the air-conditioned measuring room. This includes a 3D coordinate measuring machine, a gear measuring machine Klingelnberg and an optical shaft measuring machine Vicivision Ergon 850.

The control of measuring equipment, incoming goods inspection, analyses and statistical evaluations are also carried out by quality assurance.

During production, all drives are subjected to a tightness and final assembly test. According to customer requirements, this is supplemented by a mechanical and/or electrical test on the load test bench.

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