Fabrication Technology

Experience in Innovation

Tornado not only develops and assembles the drives, but also manufactures the major and key components itself.

Prefabrication is divided into the following production specialty cell:

  • Housings (gearbox, shields, cover..) production
  • General turned parts
  • Gear hobbing / cutting production
  • Gearbox Shaft production
  • Special motor shafts

In our in-house toolshop we also manufacture fixtures and tools for prefabrication and assembly.

A highly modern machine fleet guarantees our permanently high production productivity, supported by our experienced employees. Both being the heart of of production.

Our constant focus is on increasing automation and so our productivity. Since 2014, all newly procured machine tools are loaded and unloaded by means of robots, robot cells which on three machines equipped from Halter CNC Automation . We also use bar loading magazines and unloading systems from the manufacturer FMB as well as various portal solutions.

Manufacturing processes and machines

  • Milling:
    On a Makino DA300 automatically loaded with a robot, gear housings are machined.
  • Gear cutting:
    The gear cutting machines Modul H200 and Richardon R300 are used for gear cutting of spur and worm gears.
  • Grinding:
    Using the Mikromat 5G rotary form grinding machine, which offers maximum precision, our employees grind worm shafts.
  • Turning:
    Various turned parts such as shafts and gear wheels are produced on seven turning centres manufactured by Doosan, and we also have two turning/milling centres manufactured by Index.
  • Broaching:
    Grooves for hollow shafts and gears are produced on broaching machines

A few operations, such as hardening and manufacture winding products are outsourced, relying on large network of qualified suppliers.

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