Control Panels

Control panels for door drives

Tornado offers the complete product range for the automation of industrial doors. This naturally includes high-quality control systems. We offer a wide range of controls for different applications, from simple dead man's controls to impulse and automatic controls to frequency converter controls. Numerous special solutions round off the product portfolio. All market standards are met for every product.

    Control types: Integrated or external control

    The integrated (PIC) controls are designed for direct mounting on the drive. The controller and in particular its power section are adapted to each motor.

    External controls can be connected to almost all drives in the product portfolio.

    The following voltage versions are available:

    Supply voltages

    • 3x230 V/AC; 3x400 V/AC
    • 1x230 V/AC
    • Special voltage

    • Products

      • Relay-controlled panel (Deadman) – PIC / TST WU
      • Comfort control panel (Automatic / Impulse) – V7e / TST WU
      • Frequency inverters (VFD) – TST FUZ2 Series, FUF2 and FU3F

        TST Product Range

          Tornado offers an extensive range of frequency converter and reversing contactor controls.
          he new TST FUZ2 control family is available in three variants -A (for balanced sectional doors), -B (for barriers and sliding doors) and -C/-CX (for high-speed doors), depending on the variant in a small (-A/-B/-C/-CX) or large plastic housing (-CGH/-CXGH or LGH).

          In addition to a large number of application-specific innovations, the improved motor management is particularly noteworthy, as a result of which the controls are always ready for operation even under the most difficult environmental conditions..

          The TST FUF2-AH/-CH/-FH for three-phase drives up to 0.75 kW / 5 A or 1.5 kW / 8 A or 2.2 kW / 10 A has special features such as an overload capability optimised for gates, a more powerful 24V power supply (3500mA) and the "safe 24V brake" function with monitoring.

          If a three-phase connection is required, Tornado offers the FU3F in different versions (-AH/-CH/-FH) for three-phase drives up to 2.2 kW / 5 A or 4.0 kW / 10 A or 5.0 kW / 12 A - also with overload capability optimised for gates.

          More Product Information

          Datasheet TST WU

          Datasheet TST FUZ2-A

          Datasheet TST FUZ2-B

          Datasheet TST FUZ2-C/CX

          Datasheet TST FUZ2-GH Series

          Datasheet TST FUF2 (-AH/-CH/-FH)

          Datasheet TST FU3F


              The V7E is a comfort control for all industrial door operators. Both mechanical and electronic limit switches can be evaluated in one version. The gates can be operated either in dead man, impulse or automatic mode.

              The V7E is available with three-phase gear motors up to 2,3 kW (3x230 V/AC) or 4 kW (3x400 V/AC) with a maximum motor current of 8.5A. The controller has three 24VDC outputs.

              The simple and clear setting of the parameters is carried out by means of three membrane keys and a four-digit 4-segment display for menu guidance.
              Radio, traffic light and induction loop options are also available..

              More Product Information

              Datasheet V7E


                  The PIC controller series is available in various formats, either as integrated controllers (PIC 500 / PIC 590) for direct mounting on the motor or in a separate housing (PIC 1410).

                  Tornado also offers solutions for dock levellers with the PIC 201 (with folding wedge) and PIC 204 (with feed) series

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